The magician Rafa Tamarit offers professional magic for events in Madrid

Rafa Tamarit is a Spanish magician who has been performing magic for over 25 years. Rafa Tamarit is also a member of the Magic Circle. The purpose of his magic tricks is to amuse his audience and take their minds off the pressures and difficulties of everyday life for a little while. He gives performances in Spanish cities as well as in other countries. He has given performances for a wide variety of organizations and businesses, some of which include the World Bank, the Spanish Ministry of Health, the Spanish National Police, and the Spanish National Institute of Statistics.

The magician has received invitations to perform in a variety of countries, including China, Japan, France, the United States of America, and South Korea, amongst others. He has been nominated for the award of “Most Popular Magician in Spain” due to the fact that he has already won several awards for his magic shows.

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Additionally, the magician’s work has been highlighted in publications such as “Hip Hop Magazines,” “World Hip Hop Magazine,” “International Hip Hop Magazine,” “Soho,” “Magical Magazine,” and “Magic Magazine.”

Rafa Tamarit was born in 1970, which makes him 43 years old at this point in his life. He is a family man, with two kids to his name from his previous marriage.

The purpose of his magic show is to captivate the audience’s attention and keep them amused throughout the entirety of the performance. When performing his tricks, the magician will typically make use of the most cutting-edge and cutting-edge techniques and tools that are currently available,

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The magician will perform magic tricks, illusions, and escapes during their show. These are the three subsets of magic. In every variation, the magician will reveal to the audience both the methods by which he performs the tricks and the hidden meanings that lie behind those techniques.

The audience will not only learn about the tricks, but the magician will also demonstrate how they can perform the tricks themselves.

Rafa Tamarit is a magician who performs at both private and public events, including special events and corporate events. In addition to this, he gives performances for a number of different organizations, including the World Bank, the Spanish Ministry of Health, the Spanish National Police, and the Spanish National Institute of Statistics.

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You have the option of reserving a spot for a private performance with the magician. When it comes to the price of this service, there are no surprises in store. In order to obtain further information, you may get in touch with the magician.


Rafa Tamarit is a well-known performer in the field of magic and is known for his spectacular shows. He has been performing for a long time and has accumulated a lot of experience. The magician performs a range of mind-boggling tricks that are sure to leave a lasting impression on those in attendance at your event. You can make your event more exciting and fun by hiring him to perform a private show for you and your guests.

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