Daan (PrimePlay) Cast and Crew, Roles, Release Date, Trailer

The web series “Daan” is an Indian bold production featuring Rajni Mehta and Manvi Chugh in leading roles. The series is set to be available online from November 16, 2023. The storyline revolves around a father who desires to get his son married. To enhance his son’s capabilities, he seeks the assistance of a tantric, who channels all his sensual powers to empower the young man. As a result, the son transforms into a superhuman.

Here we share the Full List of (PrimePlay) Daan Cast and Crew, Roles, Release Date, Story, Trailer.

Daan Details

CastPrajakta Jahagirdar
Ayushi Bowmick Kushum
Sofiya Shaikh
LanguageHindi, Tamil, Bangla, and Telugu
GenresDrama, Romance, 18+, Adult, Erotic
Release Dates16 November 2023

Daan Cast

Rajni Mehta
Manvi Chugh

Daan Director

  • Prajakta Jahagirdar
  • Ayushi Bowmick Kushum
  • Sofiya Shaikh
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Daan Country

  • Indian

Daan Distributer


Daan Genres

Daan Language

Hindi, Tamil, Bangla, and Telugu

Daan Dates

16 November 2023

Daan Story

The storyline of the “Daan” web series revolves around a young man named Bhuban. The narrative is filled with drama, mystery, and romance. In this tale, the protagonist’s father wants to arrange his son’s marriage, but the son refuses. Upon learning from his friends that his son lacks sufficient arousal, the father concludes that he won’t be able to stay with any woman for long, as no girl would be happy with him.

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Subsequently, the father takes his son to a spiritual guru who imparts all his sensual powers to the young man. The guru reveals that now the father has seven days left to live. He discloses that the son has engaged in intimate activities with certain women, and if he faces those women, he will experience immediate arousal. Establishing physical relations with those women becomes inevitable.

After a few days, a beautiful woman confronts Bhuban. The sensual powers within him start working, and he is compelled to form physical connections with the woman. This narrative offers a blend of entertainment, bold scenes, and intense drama in the “Daan” Hindi web series.

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