Anju Or Manju (Bigshots) Cast and Crew, Roles, Release Date, Trailer

“Anju Or Manju” is an Indian bold web series starring Malvika Tomar and Priyanka Chaurasia in the lead roles. The actresses have effectively portrayed their characters in this Hindi web series. Viewers can watch this series online from January 12, 2024. In this web series, Anju and Manju, two girls, form a relationship with a guy, and their advantage is taken by their employer. You can watch the “Anju Or Manju” web series on the Rabbit Movies App.

Here we share the Full List of (Bigshots ) Anju Or Manju Cast and Crew, Roles, Release Date, Story, Trailer.

Anju Or Manju Details

CastRani Pari
Jugnu Modi Gandhi
DistributorRabbit Movies App
LanguageHindi, Tamil, Bangla, and Telugu
GenresDrama, Romance, 18+, Adult, Erotic
Release Dates12 January 2024

Anju Or Manju Cast

Malvika Tomar

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Priyanka Chaurasia

Anju Or Manju Director

  • Update Soon

Anju Or Manju Country

  • Indian

Anju Or Manju Distributer

Rabbit Movies App

Anju Or Manju Genres

Anju Or Manju Language

Hindi, Tamil, Bangla, and Telugu

Jabran Release Dates

12 January 2024

Anju Or Manju Story

The story of the web series “Anju Or Manju” revolves around two girls, Anju and Manju. The entire family goes to a relative’s daughter’s wedding, but the father of the family chooses not to take his daughter, thinking it wouldn’t be appropriate. Consequently, a guy named Vinay is left at the girl’s house. Anju and Manju, along with their servant, are in the house. Vinay arrives, and he will stay until the whole family returns.

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While waiting, Anju and Manju, being curious, secretly check Vinay’s Instagram account on his phone and start liking him. Both Anju and Manju like Vinay, and Vinay notices this. Now, Anju and Manju fear that Vinay might reveal this to their father. To prevent this, the two girls offer Vinay a significant deal. After that, the program begins. The servant in the house witnesses the entire program and even records a video. The next day, the servant also starts demanding an offer. Eventually, he gets an offer too.

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This story not only provides entertainment but also includes bold scenes. The Hindi web series offers a mix of entertainment, bold elements, and intense drama.

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