5 Reasons The 80s Were The Best

A trip down memory lane seemed fun. My favorite decade is the 80s! Know what I mean if you grew up in this decade. Interesting fashion and hairstyles characterized the 80s Stuff. Pop culture, music, and TV are amazing. Here’s why the 80s were the best decade. As I recount my favorite moments from this wonderful time.

5 Reasons The 80s Were The Best

1. Music

I love all period music, including today’s. Except for angry rap, which I neither understand nor like. I love 80s music, though! From Madonna’s catchy pop to Bon Jovi’s rebellious rock, there was something for everyone. Synthesizers brought melodies to life and created electrifying music like the ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ soundtrack.

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The global new wave explosion—who can forget it? New Order, Talking Heads, A-ha, Duran Duran. With their unique punk, pop, and electronic sound, these bands defined new wave.

2. Mixtape

It took so much work and perseverance to make that mix tape! You had to lurk around the radio all day to catch your favorite song. You had to simultaneously press the record and play buttons when you heard the song, like a ninja. You might catch the whole song without the DJ’s annoying voice or commercials. Despite the struggle, the victory was sweet!

3. Hairstyles

Excess describes 80s hair! The 80s redefined hairstyling with big hair and gravity-defying creations. In addition, hair spray and gel sales must have skyrocketed!

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Pretty much everyone had big hair and believed “The higher the better”. I envied my friends with big, messy Madonna hair and magnificent standing-up fringes. Never allowed to leave the house looking like this. Though I tried, my mother always caught me and sent me back to brush my hair. She asked, “Why do you want to look like a cockatoo?” I did it, Mum!

4. TV Shows

Eighties television was a cultural phenomenon. Great cartoons like ‘Inspector Gadget’, ‘The Smurfs’, ‘Voltron’, and ‘Super Friends’ featured the ‘Wonder Twins’—“Wonder twin powers activate!” When streaming services didn’t exist, family TV sitcoms were the best, and I always looked forward to them. I remember fumbling with the TV antenna to get a good signal to watch my favorite shows like ‘Family Ties’, ‘Growing Pains’, ‘Full House’, and ‘The Facts Of Life’.

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5. The Film

Many classic films were made in the 1980s. From ‘Footloose’ and ‘Dirty Dancing’ to ‘Raiders Of The Lost Ark’ and ‘Top Gun’. With films like ‘The Breakfast Cub’, ‘Pretty In Pink’, ‘St Elmo’s Fire’, and ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’, The Brat Pack ruled the screen. We were left wanting more by the decade’s classics and thrilling experiences.

The 80s Inspire

Recently, the 80s’ unique charm has made a remarkable comeback. Entertainment shows like ‘Stranger Things’ capture 80s culture and nostalgia well. Additionally, artists like Dua Lipa have incorporated 80s sounds into their own style. This revival shows how popular 80s fashion, music, and pop culture are. The 80s’ lasting influence and inspiration are shining through. All generations seem captivated by the 80s.

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